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“Every Great Design begins with an even better story.”

— Lorinda Mamo


Hello There!

I am a Graphic Designer based in Ontario, Canada, who is dedicated to helping my fellow creatives with their design needs.

I enjoy working in diverse areas, but I specialize in connecting with you, and working together to make your visions become reality, and give your creative content a crisp and eye-catching package.


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You may notice that I don’t have prices listed on the packages and services I offer.
I price my work on a project by project basis, carefully assessing the needs of my clients.
Because every one of my clients is as unique as the work that I do for them.

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I simply love capturing a good story in a visual snapshot.

Books are judged by their covers, which is why it is so important to have a high quality cover that grips the viewer and makes them curious. It is also vital to have a book cover that is completely unique to you and your work. This is why I don’t sell pre-made covers. Every book cover I make is as one-of-a-kind as the stories they are made to represent.


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Perhaps you are looking to give your blog an overhaul or have been wishing your landing page had a more professional feel. You have all the information, but maybe you’re just not sure how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. That’s where I come in.

I specialize in taking your content, and presenting it in a clear and sleek manner.


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Sometimes it can feel like building your brand is overwhelming. With words like niche being thrown around on the internet, it’s clear that branding is important, if a bit vague.

I’m here to help you nail down a killer colour palette, design memorable logos, and figure out things like business cards, posters, and social media posts. Together, we can demystify branding.


Branding Services


Business Cards

Brand Essentials

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There’s nothing like seeing an idea come to life through art. Working mainly in coloured pencils, digital painting, and with pen and ink, I simply love to create and be artistic.

Whether you have always wanted a pet portrait, looking for a funky piece to complete your gallery wall, or are an author dying to bring your characters and creatures to life in a new way, it would be my pleasure to work with you!


Art commissions are open

I have limited availability each month. For traditional pieces done on paper, I offer high-quality scans, or to ship the original piece to anywhere in Canada and the US. Shipping costs will be factored into the price of the commission.


15% of my revenue is Donated

It is my heart cry to help the helpless, specifically the unborn and victims of Sex Trafficking. That is why I have personally pledged to give 15% of my revenue on a quarterly basis to these three ministries. These organizations are on the front lines helping give mothers the ability to choose life, rescuing victims from bondage around the world, and providing valuable aftercare to those who are hurting.

To learn more about these ministries and the good work they do, I would encourage you to click the links above!